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Fire Is Your Water earned a starred review in Library Journal, which called it “an outstanding first novel full of appealing characters and an inventive plot based on true events. This belongs at the top of every spring reading list.” Yippee!

I’m thrilled to announce that my novel Fire Is Your Water, published by Ohio UP, is out and in bookstores as well as online.

Here’s a book cover description:

Ada Franklin is a young powwow doctor in the Pennsylvania Dutch, religious faith tradition. By saying sacred chants, she can remove warts, stanch bleeding, and “take out fire” to heal burns. That all changes on a June day in 1953 when the Franklin barn ignites into flame. Ada and her mother enter the burning building to rescue their animals. The scorching heat, the roar of the blaze, the shrill bellows of so many cows trapped inside—all of it changes Ada. For the first time, she fears death and—for the first time—she doubts God. After the fire, she no longer can heal. Then Ada meets Will Burk and his pet raven, Cicero. And then there is another fire.

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